A TOWN'S proud tradition continues to flourish after a successful enactment overcame poor weather.

Hundreds of people in Whitworth enjoyed the Rushcart celebrations, which date back hundreds of years.

The good numbers ensured a lively atmosphere for the town's big day.

Cllr Maureen Jones said: "As usual Whitworth tuernd out in full. It was well attended given the weather. I must admit I was surprised we had such good numbers in the circumstances.

"It's a well-oiled function in that it runs smoothly and is very traditional."

The popular celebration sees a large wheeled vehicle covered in rushes and flowers travel around the area accompanied by morris dancers and music.

There was also an arts and craft fair, featuring a variety of artisan stalls, rides and other entertainments.

The Whitworth Rushcart is one of only four such celebrations in the UK, the others being in Sowerby Bridge, Littleborough and Saddleworth.

Whitworth’s cart is unique in being the only one covered in local heather. The other rushcarts are covered with rushes or tatters of cloth.