A BUDDING young Rossendale actor has secured a scholarship to Blackburn College after achieving five As in her GCSEs.

Kirsty Rhymes, a Fearns Community Sports College student, was delighted when she opened her results.

She said: “I got an A in maths, I can’t believe that. When I took the exam first time I got a C.

“I have As in both English subjects, an A in chemistry and one in physics.

“I already have my own YouTube channel, and am in the middle of writing a web show.

“I write my own material and act.”

Engineering hopeful Chris Wilson is now heading to Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School for his A levels after gaining an A* and four As.

He will be joined by Dom Walsh, who also got five As, and would like to pursue a career in maths after university.

Nigel Dawson, headteacher at Fearns, said: “We have a significant number of pupils achieving As and A*s, and I am pleased with the number of pupils who have met their target grades.”