A SPECIAL meeting has been convened by town councillors in Whitworth over a proposed change to delivery arrangements for a nearby wind farm.

Crook Hill Properties Ltd had agreed to send wind turbine delivery vehicles to the site at Scout Gate Lane, Todmorden, from the south, after meeting with Rossendale Council officials.

Consultants, acting on behalf of the firm, say this would mean that they would not have to cut back an existing rock face on Landgate, if the vehicles were required to arrive at the site along the A671 from the north.

But Rossendale Council has now told Crook Hill that an amendment will be required for their original planning application.

Town councillors in Whitworth will meet at the Riverside tonight to discuss the implications of the move.

The developer also claims that stone which would have been excavated for the access road works could be found, instead, from nearby Middle Hill Quarry.