POLICE were called to deal with 'traffic chaos' at a secondary school's open evening.

Cars parked outside of Clitheroe Royal Grammar School , on Chatburn Road were left completely gridlocked as parents attended the school's open evening on Wednesday.

Neighbouring residents were left 'furious' as many of them were unable to get in or out of properties.

Police officers were called to the scene and had to close the road due to traffic congestion.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: "We received reports of highway disruption on Chatburn Road.

"Traffic was at a standstill on the main road and we had to close the road due to traffic.

"Vehicles could not get down the road on either side.

"The road was closed at 7pm but reopened soon after.

"It seems inadequate parking has lead to these traffic issues."

Clitheroe resident Ceri Jones, who has lived opposite the grammar school for five years, said: "I'm still absolutely furious about it to be honest.

"It took me 20 minutes to get off my estate and onto the main road.

"My front bumper nearly got hit by traffic on the road and there was nothing anybody could do.

"This type of thing has happened before but never as bad as this. This is the worse it has been.

"I have never seen the police have to shut the main road before.

"The school have to make arrangements to avoid this happening again.

Judith Child, the headteacher of Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, said: "We would like to apologise to local residents and to road users who were inconvenienced by the number of vehicles on Chatburn Road.

"In recent years the police have been unable to help supervise the event.

"However, we have followed their advice by putting out traffic cones in an effort to ensure that traffic can flow smoothly and that our visitors park with consideration.

"In addition, we open our Sixth Form car park on York Street and encourage visitors to park at that site.

"In light of the difficulties caused by both the volume of traffic and by irresponsible parking, we will review the arrangements for next year.

"We have contacted the police to discuss the matter and will be in touch with Highways England for their advice.

"Once again, we apologise sincerely for the disruption caused."