A PUB cat is thought to be the oldest in East Lancashire after reaching the age of 25 – nearly 100 in cat years.

Family pet Rosie is so small she is often mistaken for a kitten, but the white feline has even outlived her 19-year-old daughter Maisie who died a few years ago.

Rosie was brought to the Swan with Two Necks pub in Pendleton as a kitten by landlord and landlady Christine and Stephen Dilworth.

The cat was a favourite with the couple’s two sons Robert, 27 and Michael, 22, while they were growing up, but the pub’s pet has become a favourite with regulars too over the years.

Christine, 52, said: “Hardly a day goes by without someone asking about her, she is quite the local celebrity, people always want to have their picture taken with her.

“I’m not sure what the secret to Rosie’s long life has been, but she has always had good company and enjoyed time by the open fire.

“Perhaps the real ale fumes have helped as well.

“She is quite frail and she has always been small, but she is a real character. She is so happy when people are around, becuase she has grown up in a pub. We’ve had other cats over the years, but Rosie is special. She’s a real lady and very gentle and happy even when the children are pulling at her.

“We’ve had lots of pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, hens and ducks but Rosie is different.

“We have a young cat now, Raisin who is seven but they get on very well. Rosie is a bit deaf now but as long as she has a fire and some people near her she is quite happy.”

Rosie is so famous she is even featured in the Good Beer Guide.