A PARISH councillor from the Ribble Valley has criticised County Hall's 'illogical' approach to replacing a signpost in their village.

The clerk for Chatburn Parish Council, Sheila Sturrock, has said a weathered steel signpost, which sits at the junction of Crowtrees Brow and Bridge Road, Chatburn, has needed refurbishment for months.

Last year the council asked Lancashire County Council to replace the sign with a similar model but were consequently were advised that they could not because of safety reasons.

The council were told that County Hall were prepared to contribute towards the cost of a newly modelled signpost.

Chatburn council contacted a local historian, Duncan Armstrong, who said he could put up a similar type of signpost and that his price would be less than the cost of a new signpost from County Hall.

Earlier this month the council received a further communication from County Hall confirming that there would be no contribution towards replacing the sign post.

Sheila Sturrock, who has been a clerk for Chatburn Parish Council for 16 years, said: "Chatburn Village is a conservation area and several other Ribble Valley villages have had replacement finger posts, including Barley, Waddington, Roughlee and Grindleton.

"As this was less than a new post from County Hall it was logical that it would be cost effective.

"It's common sense really."

Duncan Armstrong, who was also a footpath inspector in Pendle, said: "As far as I know the authorities will allow the cast iron to be erected so long as its done safely.

"They have suggested I offer them some proposals which they will then look at.

"Unfortunately legislation is proving to be a flame in their shadow."

A Lancashire County Council spokesperson said: "The parish council initially approached us asking for an existing sign, which is currently located close to Chatburn village boundary, to be relocated to the Crow Trees junction.

"We can't support the relocation of this sign for safety reasons, but are happy for the parish council to arrange for it to be refurbished in its current location.

"We will provide enough funding to pay for a new standard sign, similar to the one already in place at the Crow Trees junction.

"However, if the parish council wants a non-standard old-fashioned style sign, they will have to cover the extra costs."