THE teenage sweethearts who fled to the Dominican Republic have been told that their position at Stonyhurst College is ‘untenable’.

In a statement issued by the 400-year-old school, it was revealed that the parents of Edward Bunyan, 16, and Indira Gainiyeva, 17, will ‘withdraw’ them from the college.

The pair fled the £30,000-a-year Jesuit boarding school in the early hours of Monday, January 13, and booked a car from Beez Taxis in Whalley to Manchester Airport.

They were caught on CCTV shortly before boarding an indirect flight to the Caribbean Island.

They evaded local police for a week while the authorities searched hotels, bars and beaches for the couple.

The pair were eventually found at around 11pm last Sunday.

In a statement, a spokeswomen from the school said: “It has been a particularly difficult fortnight for the families of the two students who went missing from Stonyhurst College.

“Both their parents and the college were hugely relieved when the two were discovered late last Sunday night.

“Since then, the two young people have given an account of their behaviour to their parents.

“The headmaster of Stonyhurst, Andrew Johnson, has also been in contact with the parents and has spoken to the two students.

“Their parents have agreed with him that, after what they have done, their children’s position at Stonyhurst is untenable.

“The parents will, therefore, be withdrawing their children from Stonyhurst.

“However, Mr Johnson has been in touch with the headmaster of another school who has agreed to interview both young people with a view to giving them a last chance to make a success of their sixth form education.

“Both young people have expressed their regret for the trouble they have caused, and both families wish to thank the police and other authorities for assisting them in finding their children safe and sound.

“The two young people now ask to be left alone to make a new start at a new school.”