A SOUTH Ribble councillor has defected from the Tories to the UK Independence Party.

David Duxbury has made the move after becoming “totally disillusioned” with the Conservative-run council that he sits on.

Coun Duxbury, who represents Leyland, said: “I have always worked hard and tried to be honest.

"I agree with UKIP’s policy in withdrawal from the EU and in small government.

"And, from talking to people, I know that many, many people believe in the things I and UKIP believe in.”

The father-of-three is a self-employed businessman, who currently runs a pet crematorium and garden centre.

Coun Duxbury, who has lived in Leyland most of his life, said that he had always been interested in politics, but until recent years had been too busy to be an activist.

He was elected to the South Ribble Council in 2007 as a Conservative, but from now on is sitting as a UKIP councillor.

Paul Nuttall, party chairman and North West MEP, said: “I am delighted David has decided to join UKIP. We now have 100 councillors throughout the country.”