A DAD struck down by an inoperable brain tumour has created a lasting legacy for his children.

Former Foulridge Parish Council chairman Andrew Wilson hopes his daily online diary will be a comfort to his family after his death as well as an inspiration to other brain tumour suffers.

The retired dairy farmer and milkman, of Cockerhill Farm, Foulridge, was diagnosed with a grade four Gilobalstoma on August 15 after suffering slurred speech and other stroke-like symptoms.

Mr Wilson, 57, said: “I started the blog to try and relieve some of the pressure that had fallen on my children.

“From the moment I was diagnosed the phones just didn’t stop ringing and I knew they found it difficult to keep breaking the bad news.

“Friends and family can now follow my blog and see for themselves how I am doing.

“But I’d also like to think it will become a bit of a legacy when I’ve gone and somewhere my family can go to remember me.

“If people who find themselves in a similar situation, draw inspiration from my blog, then that would be great too.

“People keep saying how brave I am but once you are in this situation there is nothing you can do. You can look positively at the treatment that will prolong your life or give in and let the illness take over.”

He said he has remained positive since hearing the devastating news and has now started six weeks of radiotherapy at St James University Hospital in Leeds.

The former Colne Grammar School pupil, left school to work on the family farm where he stayed all his working life, eventually taking over the farm’s milk round when his father retired.

The father-of-two’s blog started off with just four hits a day but in recent weeks traffic has rocketed and it now attracts up to 200 people a day.

Mr Wilson’s children Rachel, 28, and Richard, 26, are organising a fundraising concert so more research can be done into their father’s condition.

The concert will include live performances from local bands Bafhphelt and Dangerous Brothers at Colne Muni on October 21.

Rachel said: “Dad is just an amazing person and is just being so positive and is constantly reassuring me and my brother.

“Since we found out I have researched dad’s condition a lot and I was really surprised to hear that out of all the money raised for Cancer Research, only one per cent goes towards funding research into brain tumours.

“This is because out of all the different types of cancer, brain tumours are the most rare with only 4,500 people diagnosed each year.

“Recently, I discovered a charity called Brain Tumour Research and Support, formerly known as Andrea's Gift. They are based in Yorkshire where dad is receiving his treatment and they think they may have found a drug that can halt the growth of Gilobalstomas.

“As a family we all love our rock music, dad and Richard often perform in a band so we thought why don’t we help fund this research by organising a concert.”

The family have secured sponsorship for the concert from Nelson’s Matthew Kibble Transport Ltd and are now appealing for donations to push up their fundraising total.

Tickets cost £5 in advance or £6 on the door and are available by calling 01282 661234.

To make a donation visit justgiving.com/liveatthemuni