A HAIRDRESSER had her flowing locks shaved off to raise funds for a Nelson girl suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Jenni-Rae Hollins, 22, made her bald move at Nelson and Colne College and raised more than £500.

She decided to go ahead and lose her hair, which she described as her ‘everything’, in an act of solidarity with five-year-old Shaylee Houghton.

Shaylee, of Thursby Road, Nelson, is undergoing gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy as she battles a brain tumour, known as grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme.

She is travelling to Manchester Children’s Hospital five days a week to undergo the treatment, which is likely to cause her to lose her hair.

Doctors have told the family there is only a 10 per cent chance the treatment will control the tumour.

Jenni-Rae said: “I just wanted to help raise a bit of money for Shaylee, it makes me feel good for doing something and contributing. I decided to shave my hair off because my hair was my everything, I loved it, but it seemed the right thing to do.”

Jenni-Rae studied hairdressing at Nelson and Colne College and is now a mobile hairdresser. The college also raised £57 by displaying a fundraising bucket at reception.

The Shaylee Houghton Fundraising Group has been set up to try and raise money to send Shaylee on days out and activities while she undergoes the treatment.

A car boot sale will also raise funds for the group on Sunday at Hodge House community centre from 9am.