A TEENAGE boy whose parents died of cancer has made a heartfelt appeal to find his ‘lost’ family.

Thomas Dodd, 13, has lived with his grandparents, David and Chris Moores, in Higham, for the past two years.

He moved in with the couple after his dad, Andrew, died of thyroid cancer, in his 40s.

It followed the death of the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School pupil’s mum, Catherine, of breast cancer in 1999, aged just 32.

After his mum died, Thomas grew up in Rochdale, where he lived with his dad, who was a GP.

Despite him and his maternal grandparents not being able to remember their surnames, he suspects relatives of his dad may live in North Manchester or Blackpool.

And he is hoping family members remember or recognise him and gets in touch.

He said: “It must have two or three years ago when I last saw someone from my dad’s family.

“I’ve been thinking about trying to find them for quite a while. They’re my family and I want to keep in touch with them.”

Andrew died in July 2007, when Thomas was just 10.

The youngster now lives in West Close Avenue with his grandparents.

His grandma, Chris, 63, a retired office manager, thinks Thomas’s relatives may be in Moston or Failsworth, where his dad grew up.

She said: “He wants to keep in touch with them because they’re his blood relatives.

“I remember them having get togethers in Blackpool and I thought they were a really nice family, but I never knew all their surnames.

“And of course, it isn’t something a child of Thomas’s age would necessarily know.

“Thomas looks more like his dad every day. He writes the same and cracks the same jokes - he’s certainly his father’s son.

“We’re just hoping somebody from his dad’s family recognises him and gets in touch.”

Andrew Dodd was born and grew up in Moston with Thomas’s grandparents Albert and Marie Dodd.

Anyone who thinks they may be related to Thomas or have information about his family should call Jon Livesey on 01254 298202.