A FATHER-of-four from Foulridge will be going into battle for the UK Independence Party at the next General Election.

Graham Cannon, 59, who is also a Foulridge parish councillor, has been a European candidate previously for UKIP.

The civil engineer, who runs his own firm testing soils, is also a qualified hot air balloon pilot and active community campaigner.

He said: “When I listen to people ‘putting the world to rights’ the same complaints crop up again and again: our lenient justice system and lack of discipline, human rights, the compensation culture, our country run by foreigners in Brussels, PC attitudes, health and safety nonsense, red tape in the police, schools and the NHS, excessive immigration.

“I do not see the other parties being prepared to tackle these issues and put ordinary people first, unlike UKIP who are ready to put some commonsense back into running our country.”