A BED tester has such a sensitive bottom that it has been insured for £1million.

Silentnight bosses were amazed 54-year-old Graham Butterfield’s hypersensitive rear was so reliable in recognising different mattress fillings.

They promoted the grandfather-of-two to the official position of Bed Bouncer and Board Director at the Long Ing Lane factory in Barnoldswick.

And now he has become such an important part of the testing process, that the firm has now safe-guarded his best “asset” by taking out the staggering insurance policy on it.

It means his behind is as valuable as that of Beyonce and J-Lo. And bosses said it was worth every penny.

Insurance company Zurich said it was rare to be asked to provide such specific cover to this type of customer but they would ensure that ‘should the worst happen, the company will be compensated for the loss of his undoubted expertise’.

Graham’s duties involve bouncing on the beds and giving feedback on the softness, textures and fillings and ultimately deciding on whether a bed goes to market or back to the drawing board.

He said: “It may sound ridiculous but my bottom really isn’t like any other. I have increased sensitivity around the buttocks and can literally feel the difference in materials and fillings used, simply by sitting on it. However I was amazed to have such a high price placed on what I do.

“I’m sure I’m the ‘butt’ of everyone’s jokes but I’m very proud to be the owner of a £1million backside!”

Graham, who has worked at the company for 27 years, began taking an interest in the different materials used about 10 years ago.

His feedback was so insightful, his sensitive bottom became “company folk lore” and the product testing team gradually began to consult him on each new product.

Graham, who has been married for 30 years and lives in nearby Oakworth, said: “It started off as a bit of a joke and we still have fun with it at work, but it has also become a serious business. I just want to make sure the beds we make are as comfortable as possible.”

He said his bottom’s super-powers were “completely natural” and that he has no need of a special care regime or expensive moisturisers to protect the sensitivity of his derrière.

He said: “I may be a modern man - but I’m not that modern! All I need is a comfy chair. It’s not like I spend my time sitting on a rubber ring.

“I’m just naturally sensitive, although most people think Yorkshire men are insensitive.”

The father-of two says his favourite mattress filling for a long time was memory foam, but says latex is beginning to win him over as it’s “more natural, cooler and bouncier”.

Steven Simpson, brand manager at Silentnight said: “Silentnight has over 60 years experience of making Britain’s best-loved beds and we’re so committed to comfort we’re convinced taking out this £1million insurance policy is worth every penny.”

A spokesman for Zurich Insurance confirmed the insurance policy was worth £1million.

The spokesman said: “We are happy to confirm that we are the insurer of Mr Butterworth's buttocks, and every other part of him, for that matter.

"As a long standing customer through their broker, Heath Lambert, we were more than happy to provide personal accident cover for Silentnight to ensure that should the worst happen, the company can be compensated for the loss of Mr Butterworth's undoubted expertise.

"Personal accident cover is a familiar element of Zurich's policies, but we have rarely been asked to provide such specific cover to this sort of customer.

"As we try and be flexible with our customers, we have been more than happy with the exposure of this risk."