A CONTROVERSIAL pagan music festival will cause traffic 'chaos' and environmental damage, a councillor has claimed.

Organisers of the Shamania Lugnasadh festival will hold the three-day event, starting on July 27, in fields around Gisburn Old Road, Blacko, despite the restrictions imposed by the court last month.

A district judge limited the number of festival-goers to 1,500 at a review hearing at Reedley Magistrates Court after residents challenged Pendle Council's decision to grant the licence over traffic and noise fears.

Coun Shelagh Derwent, for Blacko and Higherford, who lives in Blacko, said the conditions would not prevent three-days of traffic problems for the residents living close to the festival, which last year attracted 1,300 people.

The Gisburn Old Road site was one of the two sites being considered for the "mini-Glastonbury", along with Noggarth Hill site, in Roughlee, which has no restrictions.

The court also imposed an additional three conditions in relation to traffic management and the issuing of a limited number of parking permits for the three-day festival which organisers, Enlightened Entertainments, hope to turn into a major Pagan-themed music event for the north.

Shelagh Derwent, who yesterday stepped in to the role of Mayor of Pendle, said: "People are extremely concerned about the noise but the main concerns are about road safety.

"I feel concerned for the people who will be living near the site, how will they get in and out over the three days.

"It will cause absolute chaos on the roads and there will be drinking and smoking at all hours.

"Also the mess they leave behind will be a problem for the environment."

Pendle Council said the organisers were working a traffic management plan with Lancashire County Council which would address the traffic concerns over the festivals.

Chris Storey, licensing officer at Pendle Council, said: "The organisers have picked the site at Blacko with the restrictions.

"They are working on a traffic management plan with Lancashire County Council and the council.

"Hopefully this will alleviate any problems at the event."

Adrian Lord, of Enlightened Entertainments, refused to comment over the traffic and environmental concerns but has previously said he was happy they could fulfil the conditions imposed