A DEAF rescue dog has defied the odds and learnt how to respond to sign language.

Ten-month-old Ivor was passed around five different owners before Ellie Bromilow from Colne offered him his forever home- and now he’s thriving.

Due to the puppy’s deafness, his previous owners had found it hard to cope with him as he didn’t behave like a ‘normal puppy.’

But now, Ellie is teaching the pup sign language.

Speaking about how Ivor has taken to learning the new form of communication, Ellie said: “He picks up new signs really easily. Since we adopted him in December he has calmed down and turned into a happy, contented dog.

“We keep his mind and nose occupied with games and keep him well exercised.”

Footage uploaded to the internet shows Ivor sitting, resting on his belly and also waiting patiently to take a treat as he responds to signed instructions like any other trained puppy.

The dog started to learn the basics whilst he was at an RSPCA shelter in Halifax last November, in a last ditch attempt by the staff to make Ivor understand commands.

Ellie said: “Ivor is a great example of a dog that can do so well given another chance. there are many others out there just like him waiting in rescues for a loving home.”

Those interested in giving a pet a forever how should visit www.RSPCA.co.uk