A NEWSAGENTS has cause for celebration in its campaign to prevent a nearby supermarket from selling newspapers.

The owners of Park News in Barrowford, Julie MacAdam and partner Chris Riley, had feared Booths’ proposals would force their business to close.

But councillors have rejected the application by the high-end supermarket chain at a meeting of Barrowford and Western Parishes Area Committee.

Ms MacAdam said the vote was a victory for the newsagents, which is the last newsagents and post office still in the village.

She said: “This is a real victory for us, but this is certainly not the end of the road yet.

“Members of the committee voted unanimously against it after going over the application in fine detail and picking it apart.

“Our shop is an integral part of the community and has the last remaining post office in the village, and due to this residents spoke out in support of us yet again.”

The meeting saw members of the committee go against planning officers’ recommendations and unanimously turn down the application by Booths supermarket to overturn a planning condition imposed on the store.

The condition saw the business banned from selling newspapers and magazines when it opened three years ago.

Now, the application is set to go to a meeting of the Development Management Committee later this month, meaning there is a long way to go yet for the newsagents.

A meeting of the Management Committee takes place when an area committee makes a decision against planning planning policy or where there could be a significant risk of costs against an appeal.

A spokesman for Booths said its customers had told them that they would like newspapers stocked, particularly throughout the weekend.

The spokesman said: “Our customers have told us that they would like us to stock newspapers, particularly throughout the weekend. It is our duty to consider and respond to these requests as a retailer serving the local community.

“To that effect we have sought changes to planning restrictions with a view to meeting this customer need.

“Booths remain committed to offering great products and service to support the community of Barrowford and will continue to work with local businesses to find a mutually agreeable solution.”

The decision comes after Ms MacAdam and Mr Riley, who have run the business for two years, launched a petition against the proposal which gained 1,850 signatures and was delivered to Pendle Council.

A meeting of the Management Committee will be held at Nelson Town Hall on Monday, February 26.

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