THE fiancée of a man killed in motorcycle accident says she will not give up in her attempt to find out the truth about his death, after police announced that the investigation was being closed.

Police believe that Brett Hames, 24, from Foulridge, died after being involved in an incident with another vehicle, which then fled the scene.


His heartbroken girlfriend Rebecca Gregory, 23, set up a campaign after his death to try and track down other motorists may have vital evidence which could help find the driver responsible.

Several witnesses came forward following Brett’s death crash in Pole Road, Sutton-in-Craven, in December, but police said they still had not had any answers and now the investigation was being closed.

Rebecca, from Trawden, launched an online and poster crusade based around the Lancashire and Yorkshire border to appeal for witnesses to come forward.

She said: “I can’t quite describe how I’m feeling, besides disappointed.

“I knew that eventually the case would have to close.

“However, I imagined that more people would have come forward by now.

“Knowing that there are witnesses who could help us find the driver of the other vehicle involved, but for whatever reason aren’t doing so, is heartbreaking.

“I just wish I could somehow reach them to let them know how important it is to find the other person involved, not only for myself but for Brett.

“The case coming to a close however does not mean that I will stop my campaign.

“It simply means I have to try harder to find these witnesses so that at the very least the other person involved can face up to what they have done.

“It is not fair that they get to keep on like nothing happened when they have destroyed everything I ever had.

“Also I would like the witnesses who haven’t yet come forward, and the person involved, to know that it is because they aren’t coming forward that the police are having to close the case, and take us a step further away from justice for Brett.”

Anyone with information should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 and ask for the major collision investigation team.

Traffic Constable Dave Seavers, of the North Yorkshire Police Major Collision Investigation Unit, said : “It is vital we find out exactly what happened to cause Brett to come off his motorbike.

“Brett’s loved ones deserve to know how he lost his life.”