A DOZEN baby piglets are giving children food for thought at Roaming Roosters in Higham.

The week-old pigs were born at the educational centre, which also has a bistro and restaurant on the site, off Wheatley Lane Road.

They are the second litter of Paris, a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig, and will be used to help teach children about where meat comes from.

Victoria Trapanese, education centre manager, said: “The purpose of our education centre is to show children and their parents how we sustainably rear and care for our animals from birth.

“Animals reared for supermarkets are slaughtered within three and four months, but we take care of ours for nine months and allow them the roam our land eating as and when they wish, not force feeding them to fatten them quickly.

“While it’s difficult to think of these small, cute piglets eventually ending up on our plates, it is a reality.

“We see it as our job to educate them on the best journey which the animal can take, so as well as seeing the piglets roaming our fields in months to come, we will then show our visitors around our farm shop to explain how the carcass is turned into food.”