A COUPLE who lost their life-saving kidney dialysis machine when it fell out of their van are delighted after it was found.

Tim and Elena Johnston lost the machine when they set off from their Foulridge home en route to their cottage in Monda, Spain, in March.

They feared they would never see it again – but it was found in the road by the owner of the Foulridge House Chinese restaurant, who has now given it back to the couple.

Mr Johnston, 67, a retired furniture worker, said: “It turns out that John had found the machine and a few other things that fell out of the van as we were setting off. He said he was shouting us to stop but obviously we didn’t hear.

“He then kept hold of it until we returned, but obviously he didn’t know we were going to be away for six or seven weeks.

“It is great news that it has been returned – it means that someone else can have access to what is an expensive piece of life-saving equipment.”

Mrs Johnston, 52, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, hooks herself up the portable machine for eight hours a night for treatment.

The manufacturer of the machine, Baxter’s, sent a replacement to their hotel before they boarded the ferry in England so they could continue with their holiday, and the original machine has now been sent back to Baxter’s for tests.

Mr Johnston said: “When we realised the machine was missing we went back to look for it but couldn’t find it, but obviously it had already been found and was being kept safe for our return.

“Baxter’s were great in getting a replacement machine to us really quickly so we were able to carry on with the holiday.

“We go in the Chinese restaurant quite often so they know who we are and obviously kept hold of our stuff until we returned, which is great news.”