A COUPLE are appealing for the return of a life-saving kidney dialysis machine after it accidentally fell out of the back of their van as they set off on their holidays.

Elena Johnston, 52, from Foulridge, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, hooks herself up the portable machine for eight hours a night for life saving treatment.

She and her husband Tim, 67, had just left their home in their Ford camper van en route to their cottage in Monda, Spain, on March 19, when the drama unfolded.

Mr Johnston, said: “At about 1pm we were travelling towards Colne, between the shops in Foulridge centre and Foulridge reservoir when the back door of my motor home came open and two items fell into the road, one was a soft bag with clothes in it and the other was a large black plastic suitcase.

“The suitcase is a hard plastic container protecting my Elena’s kidney dialysis machine.

“We retrieved the clothes but only realised the machine was missing when we arrived at Dover.

“To say we were frantic is an understatement. I couldn’t believe it had gone.”

Mr Johnston, a retired furniture worker, said that the manufacturer of the machine, Baxter’s, sent a replacement to their hotel and they were able to continue on their three-week trip.

Mrs Johnston, who has used the portable technology for the past 18 months, said that she was very anxious for the return of the original. She said: “It’s a Home Choice Pro Dialysis Machine and it’s worth thousands of pounds

“It is specifically attuned to my particular needs and has personalised card which has vital past history of my treatment. “

“The machine is desperately needed back and is of no use to anybody who does not need dialysis.”

The couple are offering £200 reward for the return or information leading to its return and have asked people to contact Colne police station on 0845 1253545 if they can help.