TWO Lancashire County Council gritters were stuck in the hills near Blacko this morning.

A snow plough cut a path four feet deep through the snow to allow rescue vehicles in.

The gritter driver had been in the snow for several hours and was only rescued when a crane arrived to lift the gritter out of a ditch at 10am.

A second gritter wagon was stuck in a ditch about 300 metres further down the road.

Other drivers either abandoned their vehicles or stayed for six hours whilst the road was cleared.

Nearby resident Darren Reynolds said, "It's amazing what happens when you get to the crest of the hill.

"On the south side, it's a pretty, Christmas card scene. On the north side, it's more like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

"A biting wind was blowing the snow sideways into huge drifts and you needed proper, Alpine winter gear to be out in it.

"Anyone who tries to drive anything that isn't a large tractor or specialist snow plough on that road today would have to be nuts."