PENDLE Council has decided no action is necessary against a housing development at the former Clover Croft Mill, in Higham.

The council had launched an investigation following a complaint from a resident about the work to build 33 houses at the site.

They centred on drainage concerns following the work and the height of the development.

Neil Watson, Pendle Council’s planning manager, said: “The drainage arrangements from the new units into the public foul and surface water systems are fully acceptable.

“The height of the development will have no negative impact on the living conditions of existing residents nor on the character and appearance of the conservation area.

“The setting of the listed building would also not be negatively affected.

“The outstanding drainage issue relating to a manhole is being investigated and action will be taken depending on the findings of those investigations.

“There is no action the council should be taking on any of the issues, pending the outcome of the investigations of United Utilities.”