DEVELOPERS have changed controversial plans to build 270 houses at a Colne beauty spot.

Junction Property Ltd, which owns the land known as ‘The Rough’ on the outskirts of the town, has submitted the altered plans, including changes to the access points, to Pendle Council.


Under the new plans the development would now only have emergency access from Skipton Old Road, with all the traffic funnelled through Castle Road and Windermere Avenue.

Other changes include new heritage statements regarding the impact on the Lidgett and Bents Conservation Area, and fewer houses being built on the part of land that falls into the conservation area.

Campaign group Lidgett and Beyond said it was disappointed with the amended plans.

It is campaigning for any new housing in the area to be built on brownfield sites only.

Last week leader of the council Joe Cooney announced a scheme to create a £1.5million Brownfield Regeneration Fund which would prioritise development on these types of sites in the borough.

L&B treasurer David Cockburn-Price said: “The landowner is claiming these changes have been made in response to public concern. However, we believe that they have been been made to increase the likelihood of the plans being passed.

“It seems as though they have gone through the 400 plus responses and made the amendments. Although people on Skipton Old Road may be pleased about the changes to the access point, it now means that around 194 extra vehicles would be travelling down Windermere Avenue and more vehicles would also be travelling on Castle Road.

“This could be potentially very dangerous, especially given the close proximity to Park High School.

“We are now forming our official response to the application taking into account these new changes. We are thrilled that Joe Cooney has announced plans to help prioritise development of brownfield sites.”

in the borough.

We feel that this is the way to meet Pendle’s housing land supply.”

No-one from Junction Property Ltd was available for comment.

The application goes before Colne Area Committee on April 1.