The UK's most valuable house numbers have been revealed in a new analysis of Land Registry data.

An analysis of the properties sold across the UK between March 2019 and March 2024 was conducted by the finance broker Finbri.

Their research found that house numbers in the single digits were often much higher than the national average, whilst house numbers in triple digits were often below the national average.

What are the UK's most valuable house numbers?

The research from Finbri found that properties with the house number 1 were the most valuable, with an average sale price of £342,006.31.

Lancashire Telegraph: Properties with the house number one were found to be the most valuableProperties with the house number one were found to be the most valuable (Image: PA)

This is an impressive 21% above the national average of £281,913.

Finbri’s Georgia Galloway said: “It’s no surprise that No. 1 is so profitable. Living at No.1 is hugely aspirational, and our analysis shows just how much extra people are willing to pay to be on top of the property ladder.”

The most valuable house numbers were as follows:

  • No.1 - £342,006.31 average price (21.32% above national average)
  • No. 2 - £334,107.45 average price (18.51%)
  • No. 3 - £326,979.60 average price (15.99%)
  • No. 4 - £325,430.87 average price (15.44%)
  • No. 5 - £322,648,63 average price (14.45%)
  • No. 6 - £319,706.14 average price (13.41%)
  • No. 7 - £319,725.74 average price (13.41%)
  • No. 8 - £316,202.63 average price (12.16%)
  • No. 9 - £315,958.44 average price (12.08%)
  • N0.13 - £313,035.35 average price (11.04%)
  • No.10 - £312,798.31 average price (10.96%)

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Outside of that, house numbers in triple digits are a bit rarer with some especially having a lower-than-average value.

Georgia Galloway added: “The point when you start to see a real drop off is when you reach triple figures as these are not only less common but far less appealing to homeowners, who much prefer to have more manageable house numbers."

Finbri adds: "This is supported by the figures, with numbers for usually lucky triple digit numbers like 777 and 888 selling for an average of £216,875 and £246,222 respectively, a huge 12 to 23% lower than the national average."