There are numerous tips and tricks around online to benefit your garden and one person has suggested one that involves tea.

It involves utilising used tea bags that can supposedly help your grass grow as well as deter snails and slugs from your plants.

For example, Tesco sells a Stockwell box of 80 teabags for 89p, while Sainsbury's sells a packet of Red Label teabags for 75p, so it doesn't cost too much either.

Storage Box Shop food storage expert Sarah Lawson says you should not discard used tea bags as they are rich in tannic acid and nutrients, which can improve the quality of your soil, The Mirror reports.

Tea bag trick can be beneficial to your garden

Ms Lawson advises on where to place the tea bags, saying: "Bury them just beneath the soil's surface to help retain moisture, reduce fungal infections, and provide a nutrient boost to your plants."

Tea and coffee sprinkled around plants can also help deter slugs and snails from getting at them as it is apparently off-putting to them.

Other food waste items could help your garden, such as banana peels, which contain nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

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She explains: "Burying chopped banana peels near the roots of your plants can boost their growth and resilience."

The Mirror adds: "For those looking to get rid of weeds, Sarah advises using a DIY vinegar repellent.

"All you need to do is mix vinegar with water and a dash of washing up liquid. Spray it directly onto the weed leaves and it acts as an effective herbicide."