Fans of the popular ITV programme The Masked Singer have revealed who they think Eiffel Tower following the fourth episode of the fifth series.

While the identity of Eiffel Tower has not yet been revealed, those watching the competition are certain they know who it is after a series of clues.

In tonight's episode (Saturday, January 20), a number of clues were given to the judging panel consisting of Jonathan Ross, Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall and guest star Jennifer Saunders.

The Masked Singer fans think Eiffel Tower is Gabrielle

Fans of The Masked Singer on ITV took to X, formally known as Twitter, to share that they think the identity of Eiffel Tower is the UK singer-songwriter Gabrielle.

Mo Gilligan first made the guess of it being her, with several others agreeing.

One person wrote: "said the same as Mo and thought Eiffel Tower sounded so like Gabrielle. The only other person that sounds like that to me is Anastacia."

Another posted: "Could it be an impressionist? Like Jane Horrocks? Only because sounds so much like Gabrielle. If Gabrielle needs a stand in Eiffel Tower could do it! Haha."

Meanwhile, another shared: "I do think Eiffel Tower does sound like former contestant Gabrielle, but could be wrong. Whoever it is seems to have the same vocal range as her."

Gabrielle is the stage name of Louise Gabrielle Bobb, who released her debut single 'Dreams' back in 1993 which ended up topping the UK Singles Chart the same year.

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She is also known for songs such as 'Going Nowhere', 'Walk On By' and 'Give Me a Little More Time'.

The 54-year-old has appeared on The Masked Singer before, having featured in the second series of the UK version of the show as the character of Harlequin which could make a second appearance unlikely.

The Masked Singer continues next Saturday on ITV1, STV and ITVX.