Holly Willoughby has announced she will be leaving her role as a presenter on This Morning, leaving behind a legacy of great TV moments.

Willoughby confirmed the news on her social media sharing that after "14 years, I will not be returning to This Morning."

In her statement, Willoughby thanked viewers and staff on the show, saying: "To everyone who has ever worked on the show over the years, thank you so so much.

"This is such a difficult goodbye, you are incredible and I forever will be proud of what we've done together."

Willoughby worked on This Morning for a long period of time and created many viral clips of hilarious moments and cheeky innuendos.

Holly Willoughby's best moments on This Morning

Presenting This Morning following the NTA Awards

One of the more famous moments from Holly's time on This Morning was when she and Phillip Schofield presented a show following a night at the National Television Awards (NTAs).

Holly was still in her evening dress and said: "Okay so obviously you might have noticed that we're still wearing the same clothes. I haven't been home yet. I came straight here."

It then cuts to an image of Holly walking into the studio holding a stack of newspapers from earlier that morning.

Holly hugs Phil during Covid lockdown measures

A surreal sight during the Covid pandemic saw Holly and Phil hug each other for the first time in months.

With social distancing rules still in place, the duo embraced each other through a plastic screen with specially cut-out arm holes.

Holly tucks into a cake with a serving spoon

Another clip related to a show following an NTA awards ceremony showed Holly unable to resist temptation with a cake that was brought onto set.

Several Loose Women panellists came round with gifts for the hungover Willoughby and she tucked into the cake they brought round with a serving spoon!

Holly breaks a part of the set

When discussing welly wanging with fellow presenter Ben Shepherd Holly hurled a pink welly at a target set up of some balls of wool and a golden pineapple.

Holly was successful with her throw and actually managed to break the pineapple in two.

Holly's innuendos

Holly Willoughby has been known for her accidental innuendos on several occasions throughout her time presenting on the show.

One notable example was when she was unsure about trying some pasta made by Gino D'Acampo.

When she eventually took a bite she said: "Once it's in I love it" causing a fair bit of laughter around the studio.

Another occasion is when the show had 'Real Life Sherlock Holmes' Colin Cloud who attempted to deduct bits of information based on Holly and Phillip Schofield's mannerisms.

After trying it out on Phil Holly exclaimed: "Oh please do me! I know we haven't got time to do it now but please stay and do me."