A list of the top 40 spur-of-the-moment things everyone should try has been revealed - how many have you done?

From work to household chores, many of us may feel like we're lacking a little spontaneity in our lives - but no more!

In fact, a poll of 2,000 adults found that 70% could be getting more out of each day, with 65%  claiming they need more excitement to break up the daily treadmill of work and other tasks.

The top 40 spur-of-the-moment activities you should do

The survey found Boomers - those born between 1946 and 1964 - are most likely to feel their current life is too predictable and monotonous.

They also turn out to be the generation group that most often feels stuck that they're in a rut with their everyday routine.

On the flip side, Gen Z will do something to shake themselves out of a rut twice as many times a year compared to those who are Gen X or older.

The research also found that 45% of respondents noted that it's a lack of cash that's holding them back from embracing these opportunities for a little spontaneity. 

Other reasons that are holding Brits back include not having enough energy (35%) and not having enough time (29%).

Meanwhile, 27% raised concerns that if they do try something new, they might not enjoy it.

The chewy sweets brand Mentos Fanta, who commissioned the OnePoll.com research, has created what amounts to the ultimate spontaneous bucket list to answer our pleas.

Brits' 40 Favourite Spontaneous Activities

Here are 40 favourite spontaneous activities, according to Mentos Fanta's research.

1.    Book a last-minute weekend away
2.    Go on a road-trip
3.    Visit a friend you’ve not seen in a while
4.    Say what you really think
5.    Extend a holiday
6.    Jump on a bus or train to see where it takes you
7.    Go to a free event in your local area
8.    Stay up to watch the sun rise
9.    Set yourself a fitness challenge
10.   Strike up a conversation with a stranger
11.   Get up in the night to look at the stars
12.   Go to a comedy night
13.   Rearrange your furniture
14.   Buy a present for someone and take it to them that day
15.   Dye your hair a different colour
16.   Donate to charity
17.   Tell your parent/s or other family you love them
18.   Offer to help at a local animal shelter
19.   Give blood
20.   Start a business
21.   Buy a pet
22.   Ask someone out
23.   Say yes to everything all day
24.   Get a radical new hairstyle
25.   Visit a psychic
26.   Get a piercing / new piercing
27.   Go off grid for a night (no social media)
28.   Collect a household item going free in your local community
29.   Quit a job
30.   Go camping with a friend – right now, for one night only
31.   Book a dance lesson
32.   Call in sick to work when you’re not ill
33.   Check out a new neighbourhood
34.   Go and support a local sports team
35.   Go skinny dipping
36.   Do karaoke
37.   Smash something on purpose – like a plate
38.   Buy a musical instrument
39.   Sign up for a new sport
40.   Sign up for a foreign exchange programme


A spokesperson for Mentos Fanta, spoke about the OnePoll.com research: "Being spontaneous is liberating.

“Doing something new and different doesn’t have to involve skydiving out of a helicopter onto a jet-ski in a volcano.

“It can be something as simple as buying a totally different sandwich in your daily supermarket meal deal - or giving a new flavour a chance.”