TikTok has become the home of trends. Whether it’s a new beauty product, dance routine or crazy health hack that users swear by.

But the app’s nature of seeing certain trends go viral can cause less than safe practices to make their way onto people’s For You Pages.

The latest ‘hack’ that is trending is mouth taping.

What is TikTok’s mouth taping trend?

The mouth taping trend is just what it says on the tin, taping your mouth shut. Users have begun doing this at night to stop their mouths from falling open when they sleep.

Users of the method claim it helps to prevent breathing through your mouth while you sleep, and instead forces you to breathe through your nose.

This supposedly prevents snoring and sleep apnoea.

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However, according to Health Line there have not been any clinical studies done to prove this technique treats any underlying health condition.

Why is mouth taping dangerous?

Sleep expert James Wilson told Newsweek why this trend is not safe, saying: “Unfortunately mouth taping is an extreme way of encouraging nose breathing that has some serious health risks.”

He speaks of the risk of nasal blockage or sleep apnoea and continued: “If this is the case then taping your mouth will make your health worse and could contribute to more serious issues like heart disease, COPD and stroke, particularly if applied and you are a sleep apnoea sufferer.”

While noting the potential pros of mouth taping, Health Line also warned it can cause skin irritation on your lips and around the mouth, sticky residue left over the next day, insomnia and sleep disruptions.

What are alternatives to mouth taping?

If you’re hoping to prevent snoring or other ailments that mouth taping promises to solve, Health Line recommends the following alternative approaches:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Lifestyle changes (quit smoking, cut down on alcohol and caffeine)
  • Nasal strips
  • Allergy medication