Sky Broadband has today launched a new fully fibre broadband package offering speeds of 900 Mb/s.

The Gigafast package is delivered only through FFTP (Fibre to the Premises) and is a whopping 25 times faster than the average speed of Sky’s Superfast 35 package.

If offers a high-standard Speed Guarantee of 600 Mb/s, meaning if you don’t reach at least these speeds you can claim back a month of your subscription!

This package is perfect for busy, internet dependent homes as it lets you connect more than 120 devices at the same time to its full fibre broadband.

Available to new and existing customers in FTTP areas; with Sky Broadband Gigafast you can benefit from:

  • The power to play multiplayer games direct from the cloud with low latency, meaning no delays to your winning streak with speeds of 900 Mb/s, with no usage caps
  • The ease of being able to upload large files in seconds when working from home, with an average upload speed of 90 Mb/s
  • Streaming all your favourite films and content in UHD, from multiple devices in multiple rooms, by bringing a cinematic experience to the comfort of your own home
  • The ability to connect more than 120 devices all at once meaning you can continue to add the latest connected devices
  • Sky Broadband’s Speed Guarantee as standard, so if speed falls below the minimum guaranteed speed, you can claim a full month’s money back

On an 18 month contract, this is available for just £55 a month!

Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions, Sky Broadband said: “With game changing speeds that are 25x faster than our standard fibre (36mb/s), Sky Broadband Gigafast offers WiFi hungry homes the ability to connect lots of devices at any one time, delivered through our reliable network with award-winning customer service.” 

To find out more about Sky Broadband and sign up today, head to the Sky website here.