The Royal Mint has released a new coloured £5 coin to mark 120 years since Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit first hit the shelves.

The famous rabbit is depicted in his trademark blue coat hopping through a wildflower meadow on the commemorative piece launching today.

Ffion Gwillim, who designed the coin, said she used the original storybook illustrations as her reference to create the “cheerful and celebratory” scene.

The new coin is available on the Royal Mint website in gold and silver as well as a “brilliant uncirculated” edition. It will not enter circulation.

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Speaking about the design, Ms Gwillim said: “As the coin is a celebration of The Tale Of Peter Rabbit, I knew from the beginning that I wanted the coin to be cheerful and have a celebratory feel.

“I took inspiration from the colourful floral illustrations seen throughout the book.

Lancashire Telegraph: (The Royal Mint/PA)(The Royal Mint/PA)

“Taking the different floral elements from pages in the book to create a new scene on a round coin was a welcomed design challenge – applying colour to such a detailed coin also took a lot of care and precision.”

Royal Mint director of commemorative coin Clare Maclennan said: “Coins remain Britain’s favourite collectable item.

“Their appeal continues to reach new collectors with the increasing popularity of our childhood character coins, which celebrate some of the greatest childhood stories and characters we know and love on official UK coin.

“The collectable Peter Rabbit £5 crown is the latest release in the series, marking the 120th anniversary of the mischievous, loveable rabbit.

“Inspired by the original watercolour illustrations, and available in a vibrant special colour edition, the coin is itself a beautiful work of art for collectors of all ages, and we’re so thrilled to see these pieces are inspiring new and younger collectors to get involved.”


Buy yours on The Royal Mint website here.