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Halloween is fast approaching, and the question will arise for many about what costume to wear on the night.

Costumes revolving around characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are usually a popular option.

From the likes of Iron Man, to Scarlet Witch or the Hulk there are a whole host of options.

Whether you go as a superhero or a supervillain there will always be some well-priced options for bringing the costumes together.

Marvel inspired costume ideas

Scarlet Witch

Lancashire Telegraph: Scarlet Witch from WandaVision (Dinsey)Scarlet Witch from WandaVision (Dinsey)

Following the success of the Disney+ show WandaVision this year there will undobutedly be people wanting to dress up as the Scarlet Witch for Halloween.

PrettyLittleThing can help with one of the items such as with a Basic Red Jersey Racerback Crop Top from £5.

The costume wouldn't be complete without a red Plus Crepe Longline Duster for £16 from Boohoo.

A black jersey pencil mini skirt can be picked up from ASOS for £8, whilst it can be finished off with Zip Detail Low Block Heel Boots, with Boohoo providing again for £22.40.

The Hulk

If you're wanting to help your kids dress up as the Hult this year then look no further than at the Disney Store.

A full Hulk costume including mask can be purchased for £28 from there.

For adults you can find some purple mid-length loose jersey shorts for £4.20 to help get one part of the costume at Boohoo.

A big and tall green muscle t-shirt can from River Island could help complete the fit, with perhaps a bit of padding but inside to emphasise the Hulk's strength.

Star Lord

Lancashire Telegraph: Star Lord (centre) is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy (PA Features Archive/Press Association Images)Star Lord (centre) is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy (PA Features Archive/Press Association Images)

The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy is a fairly easy costume to pull off.

A burgundy harrington jacket can be found at ASOS for £30, which starts the look off nicely and can be quite comfy too.

A short sleeve grey shirt for £7 from Boohoo can be added alongside that.

From there wearing any pair of jeans will work well, and if you can find Star Lord's mask elsewhere you will have completed the ensemble.

Iron Man

Again if your kid is looking for an Iron Man costume then the Disney Store can be of service.

For just £15.49 you can get a full costume, which includes a bodysuit, mask and repulsor cannon.


Disney Store can be used once again to get a full kids costume of Spider-Man.

It comes with a bodysuit and mask, with padded muscles in the suit as well as stretchy material with Spider-Man logo and web artwork.