The nation's biggest lockdown cravings have been revealed in a new study.

It comes after almost 100 days of lockdown, with the much-anticipated reopening of the UK’s fast-food restaurants and pubs across England on July 4.

Brits have been searching their favourites throughout lockdown on the off chance of them being open and Fresh Student Living has delved into the nation’s cravings, looking at daily search data over the lockdown period to see just what the country has missed the most.

One in ten Brits order a takeaway at least once a weekand more than half of us know exactly which restaurant we fancy before going online to order. 

What were the results?

Pizzas, burgers and donuts topped the list of foods we missed the most with more people searching Pizza Express, Burger King and Krispy Kreme than any other during lockdown.

This is followed by Pizza Hut, Subway, Nando’s and Domino's.


FULL LIST: What we've been craving

1: Pizza Express 

2: Burger King 

3: Krispy Kreme 

4: Pizza Hut 

5: Subway 

6: Nando's 

7: Domino's Pizza 

8: Starbucks 

9: Papa John's Pizza 

10: Greggs 

11: Wetherspoons 

12: McDonald's 

13: Harvester 

14: Toby Carvery 

15: Five Guys 

16: KFC 

17: Bella Italia 

18: Wagamama 

19: Itsu 

20: TGI Friday's 


What are the regional cravings?

Lancashire Telegraph:

Notably McDonalds takes the regional crown coming in the top two of nearly every region, including London, Belfastand Cardiff. With the Big Mac, McMuffin, Happy Meal and McNuggets, being the dishes, we hankered for the most.

In Liverpool and Manchester, Subway and Dominos topped the listof biggest cravings, and in Glasgow, Burger King and Subway were the choice picks. 

Interestingly it’s Newcastle where they’ll be dining on Steak Bakes and Vegan Sausage rolls in the coming weeks as Greggs topped the search in only this location.