A CARMARTHENSHIRE family have been left feeling short-changed after a grandson was told he “had walked too much” when a new pair of trainers became worn after just three weeks.

The trainers, costing £65, were purchased from Sports Direct in Carmarthen and lasted just weeks before all the tread had worn away.

When the family tried to exchange the shoes, they were told by staff at the shop that the boy had walked too much and they would therefore not be able to be exchanged.

The boy’s grandfather said: “My daughter-in-law bought a pair of trainers for her son at Sports Direct in Carmarthen a few weeks ago.

“After about three weeks the tread on the trainers had completely gone and they were no good anymore.

“We went back to the shop to see if we could exchange them or get the money back since they were £65 and no good after three weeks. We were told we couldn’t.

“We went to the Citizens Advice Bureau and they agreed that we should be able to get something back so we went back to the shop.

“The assistant manager there told us that he had walked too far. I didn’t realise there was a mileage limit on shoes. Nowhere on the box did it have a max distance they could be worn for. It is ridiculous.

“I asked for a number to ring to complain and I have been trying all week and have still not been able to get through and speak to anyone.

“These are £65 trainers, surely they should last more than three weeks.”

Sports Direct were approached for a comment on the complaint.