YOU have spent a fortune on new tinsel and baubles and then spent ages making sure your Christmas tree look perfect for the big day.

But for many residents, there's always one member of the family determined to undo all your hard work.

Whether it's sending baubles flying across the room or even toppling the whole tree over, these pet owners seem to face a running battle keeping their tree safe from their pets' claws but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Louise Gibson added: "This is Bob. Every evening sees us sitting on the sofa while we watch every single Christmas decoration fly past us as it is swiped off the tree and goes flying across the living room... just to be put back on again so they can go flying again.

"The ballerina looks like she has had a heavy night, the reindeer looks battered and the angel is looking so thoroughly fed up that she is contemplating going to the dark side.

"It is a good job that we love Bob cat so much!"

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pic from Louise Gibson

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pic from Tanya McCrave

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Pic from Gems Wareing

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pic from Julie Sharon

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pic from Emma Davies

Thanks to Rebecca Brooks, Caroline Brodrick and Julie Sharon for providing clips for the video above.

Advice from the RSPCA is to only allow pets around the tree when they can be supervised as:

  • Hanging edible decorations, like chocolate, are poisonous to dogs and can cause severe damage to their health.
  • Cats and dogs might be tempted to chew or play with hanging tree decorations which could be dangerous to them

Does your pet love to climb your tree?

Or perhaps you have to hide all your presents from your pet dog before they try to open them?