THE recent Heythrop case is not about catching a gang of brutal dog fighters, it is not about cruelly-treated or abandoned pets, nor is it about preventing the suffering of millions of intensively-farmed animals.

   It is about adhering to the purely technical and illogical offences created by the Hunting Act – a law that saves not a single animal’s life and has certainly not improved the welfare of wild mammals.

 One of the most frustrating comments comes from RSPCA staff members. I’ve heard it time and time again over the years in arguing against a hunting ban and instead for a sensible, genuine animal welfare law.

It’s the phrase: ‘Yes, I know you’re right, but it’s the council. . .’

The RSPCA does so much excellent work, but in taking a stand against the use of scenting hounds in the management of wildlife, the organisation made a dreadful error, and this can only be put down to the ruling council blindly adhering to the animal rights agenda.

Brian Latham,