I LIVE on the Bury side of two wind turbines. One day I came home and there they were, in the middle of a beautiful valley.

Now I’ve found out about a new monstrosity, I can’t believe it. I have spoken to many residents in the last couple of days and they can’t believe it either.

As for this turbine being quiet, actually it is as loud as a jet engine at its hub. The people who back on to it will be able to hear it, and it will be virtually impossible to sell their houses in the future.

I do support green energy – indeed, I have some solar panels in a place where people can’t see them.

From what I understand, there isn’t even that much wind in the bottom of a valley, so why ruin the green belt and a nice view with ghastly useless wind turbines?

If they want to put them up, at least put them in a place where they will work properly, away from beautiful villages. You can even see them from Jumbles Reservoir.

Has the planner even been to Edgworth? This is a commercial turbine purely to exploit the feed in tariffs.

It seems that the boundary of the three councils Bury, Blackburn and Bolton have had a bit of a breakdown in communication.

Susan Jones, address supplied.