I have been doing some basic research on sentences given to drivers who hit and kill cyclists.

Whilst these are rare events, you will find it quite shocking to learn that drivers proven to have been at fault rarely get prison, rarely anything more than a few hundred pounds fine and usually are allowed to continue driving, citing various excuses.

We can ask ourselves: if a pilot flew at another plane and caused it to crash, killing people in the process, would we allow that pilot to continue flying? Clearly not.

A suspended prison sentence is not appropriate, neither is a 12-month ban.

The death of cyclist Michael Isherwood and the court case following it (LT, July 6) has saddened the whole UK cycling community.

A man, through no fault of his own, has not had justice.

The sad fact is that if you throw a fire extinguisher at police in a student protest, you get over two years in prison (Edward Wollard).

You get three years for fly- tipping (Marcus Bairstow), two years for manslaughter relating to a breach of health and safety (David Bell, publican who left a cellar door open).

In fact, contempt of court got one recent juror eight months.

UK attitudes need to be changed, the courts and the police need a radical overhaul, and cyclists need decent provision on the road – without it this will just continue.

(via email).