I found the recent results of the random testing of private hire and hackney carriage taxis (LT, February 16) thoroughly depressing and quite frankly I am amazed there has not been a greater public outcry.

This exercise only serves to highlight my grave concerns for the safety of the local motoring public.

They really do appear to me to be a law unto themselves.

To discover that only only eight out of the 41 vehicles passed the inspection is outrageous.

Many others had serious safety faults clearly jeopardising the safety of paying passengers and 12 were actually impounded immediately.

On a personal level I have experienced unroadworthy and unclean vehicles, inconsiderate driving and on one occasion a driver with no ID who was patently under the influence of cannabis.

A complaint to the appropriate Licensing Authority and the police proved futile.

I have now found an alternative form of transport.

Hyndburn Council have compounded the problem by recently succumbing to the vociferous taxi lobby and unbelievably voting to raise the maximum age at which vehicles can be first registered as private hire cabs from five to seven years.

The latest spot checks reinforce my view that regulation should be increased not decreased and brutally and stringently enforced.

Surely the safety of the public is paramount.

Taxi for Hyndburn Council. No thanks. I for one won’t be boarding!

Jim Oldcorn, Ridgeway, Great Harwood.