I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the good people of Goodshaw ward in Rossendale who voted for me in the local election.

Considering this was a national election and the three main parties were throwing millions of pounds at it, the result of 462 for myself in the Goodshaw ward was stunning.

We are a young English party, now the seventh largest in the UK. At every election we are getting stronger and stronger so let me assure you, voting for the English Democrats is not a wasted vote.

The constitutional crisis we now find ourselves in is a direct result of devolution to the Celtic nations of the UK.

The main parties will now engage in odious horse trading with the Welsh and Scots nationalists and once again England will suffer. Surely we the English people have a right to our own English parliament where only English MPs can vote on English matters.

Or are we inferior to Mr Brown’s and Mr Cameron’s Scottish brothers and sisters?

We only demand equality with our Scots neighbours – an English parliament where only English MPs can vote on English affairs.

Why should we pay for prescription charges, rationed cancer care, our old people having to sell their homes to go into care, when Scotland and Wales don’t have to pay – because we the English people pay it for them?

The English Democrats will continue to fight for that English parliament and the English people.

Anthony Justice, English Democrats party, Crofters Bank, Loveclough.