I AM beginning to wonder what has happened to community spirit.

Reading H Hamer’s letter ‘Snow remarks left me cold’ (LT, February 1), why shouldn’t we clear our own pathways and the front of our houses?

In some countries it is law to do this, and if H Hamer is so concerned about old or disabled people not being able to do theirs, why doesn’t she encourage the friends and neighbours of those people to muck in and do it for them?

As a little lad on Bank Top in Blackburn, me and the other kids would be out with shovels clearing the snow – and we enjoyed doing it – and we were encouraged to do the bits where old people lived.

The real issue here is health and safety and the fear of being sued if someone slips on the bit you’ve cleared. Either that, or community spirit has died in Blackburn. Heaven help us!

Alec Price, Chapel Street, Brinscall.