Further to the report regarding compensation paid to Mrs Eastham (LT, October 5), this lady is not the only grave owner to have suffered stress as a result of the Health and Safety Testing Process.

There are other grave owners who could also have the right to make a claim if only they were aware of the facts.

The notice attached to each failed headstone dictated that: a) it was the grave owner’s responsibility to have the memorial reinstated, and b) only a qualified mason would be permitted to do the work.

Two examples of how worry and expense could cause stress in equal measure.

Some grave owners could make a claim for compensation on the basis that their headstone was incorrectly assessed, and these same people could claim a full refund of the repair cost providing they could provide proof.

This information can be verified. Pleasington Cemetery Action Group members know as fact that if the cause of failure was due to a ‘council-laid’ foundation, then the grave owner concerned could make a claim for reimbursement.

One grave owner did exactly this and received £130 from the council. Given that this offer has never been made public as far as we know, it is amazing how the grave owner concerned knew to make such a claim, which will be investigated further.

The action group has worked very hard to establish the facts for the benefit of all affected. It has never been the group’s policy to challenge the council for personal justice alone.

All the grave owners should be treated equally and therefore it is extraordinary that out of almost 3,000 headstones which failed the test at Pleasington, only two grave owners have received compensation and/or reimbursement.

Approximately 500 people did as dictated, and paid for their own repair employing the services of a qualified mason, then the council did a u-turn declaring that the memorials still in need of repair were to be reinstated by the council, ‘builder style’, free of charge to all concerned.

In response, the action group called in the National Association of Memorial Masons for an ‘on site’ meeting/ inspection and, as a result, the council will not be allowed to go ahead.

This’ builder style’ type of repair does not comply with the NAMM code of working practice. Perhaps a second u-turn is on the horizon where by the council must now practise what they preach and employ a qualified mason to do the work, exactly like those 500 people had to do.

Concerned grave owners are welcome to contact the action group co-ordinator for further advice and support. Please text or ring 07709 652 467 and leave a short message with a return contact number.

MRS M WHALLEY, Pleasington Cemetery Action Group, Blackburn.