The Muslim community welcomes the decision of Law Lords ruling over the use of secret evidence against nine alleged terror suspects and sees it as overdue judicial intervention.

The use of secret evidence in obtaining sanction for restriction on one’s liberty offends funda-mental norms of civilised justice.

However, this offensive and immoral practice has been allowed to take root in our much-respected legal system on the basis that the security of the country demanded it. The highest court of our land has now ruled that this practice is unlawful and it must stop.

The government should accept without any reservation this powerful and well reasoned judgment of the Lords and ensure the fundamental human right to fair trial is never comp-romised under any circumstances.

We are fully supportive of bringing the full severity of law to bear on those who engage or plan to engage in terror.

At the same time we are strongly opposed to the use of practices and processes that have the serious potential to brutalise innocent people or restrict freedom without letting the affected people know why they are being treated in that way.

Coun Salim Mulla Lancashire Council of Mosques