A NATIONAL newspaper ran a story on Cherie Blair that compared her husband Tony Blair to Winston Churchill. She stated that: “I am sure history will judge him very well, I think he’ll be up there with Churchill.”

Well Cherie, that is like saying that Ronnie Corbett would be a very good stunt double for John Wayne.

How can anybody with a curriculum vitae listed below come out with such a ludicrous statement: She is a member of Lincoln’s Inn, she became a barrister in 1976 and Queen’s Counsel in 1995. In 1999 she was appointed a Recorder (a permanent part-time judge) in the County Court and Crown Court.

She was Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University from 1999-2006, and on July 26, 2006 was awarded the honorary title of Emeritus Chancellor. She is also Governor of the London School of Economics and the Open University.

She is a founding member of Matrix Chambers in London from which she continues to practice as a barrister. Matrix was formed in 2000 specialising in human rights law, though members also practice in a range of areas of UK public and private law, the Law of the European Union and European Convention on Human Rights, and public international law.

Cherie how can you be so absolutely naive?

CHRIS EGGLESTON, Quebec Road, Blackburn.