RE THE letter about pensioners (LT, April 10) I am writing to the person who said pensioners were ungrateful.

I know quite a few pensioners and the majority are nice people who have worked hard all their lives and haven't wasted their money on booze, baccy, betting and bingo.

They probably had low-paid jobs as until recently there wasn't a minimum wage.

They have paid their taxes and national insurance like the rest of us, so get off their backs.

You must have doubts in your own mind as you hadn't the courage to even add your name to your letter.

One day you might be in the same position as them and have to choose between food and heating. As my parents brought me up and told me "do not call anyone until you've walked a day in their shoes." Let's hope you never have to.

GILL HOWARD, Ambleside Close, Accrington.