I FIND it hard to express my utter disgust regarding the destruction of trees which has taken place on the Billinge End Road site as per your article (LT, April 4). How this could have been allowed to happen is unforgivable.

The demolition of this lovely old building is hard enough to swallow as it is yet again another piece of the proud town that was Blackburn many years ago disappearing, but the total disrespect for the preservation laws which are laid down to protect these beautiful trees is unforgivable.

Little is left of the true heritage of this town and it seems that the people responsible in decision making are determined to destroy all that was of such pride and beauty. Lib Dem Paul Browne says in your article the council must make sure this never happens again. I said it is more of a case of lessons with this council are never learned.

LORETTA DAVIES (vie email)