RESTORATION of a full-fledged democracy in Pakistan is a great step forward in the history of Pakistan.

Many British Pakistanis, including myself, have been campaigning consistently hard, are delighted that we have finally achieved our goal. I must mention that Blackburn MP Jack Straw has played a vital role in this struggle, for which we are grateful.

Our Great Leader M A Jinnah, who was one of the great democrats, wanted to see Pakistan a truly democratic federal welfare state and I am delighted to say that it is now moving forward in that direction.

Let us hope that we will not see any reversal to military or political dictatorship in Pakistan any more.

And the democratic process will lead the country to restore independent judiciary and other institutions of Pakistan.

If this could happen when we hope that Pakistan will one day will develop into truly democratic welfare state in the region where the people of Pakistan may be able to live with dignity and prosperity in peace and harmony along with other nations of the world.

ABDUL HAMEED PIRACHA, Queens Park Close, Blackburn.