WE are becoming a nation of whingers and whiners and, topping this unsavoury list are the many old age pensioners who, being old enough to remember, seem to have conveniently forgotten what was made clear on the inception of the NHS: That the old age pension was never intended to live on but to supplement savings made during working life.

Many moaners claim to have worked all their lives and now cannot live on the pension, but if their savings have gone without thought or reservation for their old age, on booze, baccy, betting, bingo and too many holidays they have only themselves to blame.

And even if they haven't worked or saved, there are so many vote buying benefits that have been handed out, plus free or discounted council tax, rent, free travel and a host of others that really, they should stop seeking further handouts and, if they haven't saved, they should stop this incessant complaining and lie in the bed they have made for themselves.

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