NOT long ago Cllr Andy Kay of Blackburn with Darwen Council stated in this paper that the council where worried about climate change.

I now read in this paper that the council, could give the go ahead for 60 new houses to be built in the Little Harwood area of Blackburn.

Don't the council understand that these houses if built will only affect climate change.

More gas, water, air pollution because of more cars, a school to be built or extended, these 60 houses will increase flooding because there will be no land to take up the water in heavy rainfall because.

These houses will be standing on it. 

I have always said man will destroy the planet and it appears to be coming true when you look at our adverse weather changes.

So, Blackburn with Darwen Council, build these houses if you must.

But don't get in a panic over climate change – you cant have it both ways.

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