AFTER Europe’s Greens picking up far more seats that anticipated in recent EU Parliament elections it would now seem that climate change is an issue that can no longer be ignored by politicians and the wider establishment.

Ahead of the Conservatives in the UK and runners up in Germany, the so called ‘Green Surge’ or ‘Green Wave’ can only mean one thing, citizens across Europe want to send a loud and clear message – climate action now.

Some say that momentum from the youth climate strike movement has driven success for the European Greens and perhaps that is partial to the outcome, but a message of ‘choosing hope’ enforced by candidates such as Yorkshire and Humber’s lead Green Party candidate Magid Magid has also contributed the Green’s success in the UK – where Greens saw an increase of four seats, including one seat in the North West Region.

Climate change simply belongs and needs to be further up the political agenda, not overtaking issues such as austerity and poverty but working hand-in-hand and coinciding with these issues to deliver economic justice, social justice and climate justice.

Action is needed not only from the EU but national governments too.

Acts of Parliament such as the Clean Air Act need and should be built on, not only to set precedent to other nations but in-turn creating a better quality of life for today’s generation and for tomorrows generation who will inevitably inherit the society and planet we leave behind.

Paris Hayes

Chew Moor Lane